Welcome to The Australian Spill Control Association

The Australian Spill Control Association (ASCA) is a professional association for Australia-based practitioners involved in any aspect of oil and hazardous chemical response.  Broadly, ASCA aims to:

  • Promote technical development and professional competency.
  • Establishing service benchmarks and raising industry standards
  • Provide a forum for making the knowledge and experience of spill control professionals available to fellow members and to other organisations.
  • Provide a forum for open discussion of key response issues.
  • Promote the standing of the profession in the wider community.
  • Provide a clear and independent voice with regards spill response.
  • Enhance spill response capabilities within Australia.

The Australian Spill Control Association Pty. Ltd (ASCA) is a not-for-profit company incorporated in Victoria, Australia.  Note: ASCA owns all rights to the name “Australian Spill Control Association” and the associated trademark. 

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