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Interim Management Arrangements

Initially, ASCA will be managed by the ASCA Board, which comprises the five “founding members” who are also the shareholders and Directors of “Australian Spill Control Association Pty Ltd.”

One Director shall be elected as Executive Director and act as the Chairman of the Association.  The Executive Director is elected by the other Directors on a majority vote

During the formation phase of ASCA, the five board members will administer the running of ASCA, manage membership and also the ASCA bank account. 

The board members will not be reimbursed in any way for time spent on ASCA business but may be reimbursed for expenses as required.  Expenses are limited to receipted material costs such as developing the web site, purchasing membership card printer etc.  These assets will be the property of ASCA.  No personal expenses will be drawn.

The ASCA Board will, during this period, develop and refine the aims and objectives of ASCA together with ongoing management arrangements in consultation with the members.

It is anticipated that after a about a year, but no longer than two years, after the establishment of ASCA (deemed to be July 1st 2012), elections will be held to appoint an Executive Committee and Executive Officer.  The formation of this management team will end the interim management arrangements. 

Future Management (Proposed Draft)

The ASCA Board

The ASCA Board comprises the five Directors of ASCA plus up to five elected senior ASCA members.  All ASCA members will be eligible to vote.

A Board member must be a fully paid up Senior Member of ASCA.

Nominees for Board positions must be nominated and seconded for election by at least one (1) other Senior Member.

A Board member will serve for 5 years, and must seek re election, if not standing down.

The Board will be chaired by a “Chairman of the Association” elected by the Board from amongst Board members.

The Board will appoint a Secretary who may, or may not, be a Board member.

The role of the ASCA Board is to oversee the management of the association and this will involve, as required:

  • Provide financial oversight including undertaking financial audits. 
  • Approve non day-to-day ASCA expenditure.
  • Oversee the management of ASCA in particular compliance with ASCA aims and objectives, activities, propriety and fair play.
  • Oversee and approve (or not) any changes to ASCA rules, aims and objectives.

The Board meet will twice a year. 

Costs incurred by the Board will be paid from by ASCA.

The ASCA Executive (Management) Committee

ASCA will be managed by an Executive Committee comprised of up to four elected ASCA members and an Executive Officer.  All positions are unpaid.

The Executive Officer will be appointed by the Board.

This Committee will meet regularly to conduct the day to day business of the Association. 

Meetings will be at least quarterly or as requested by the ASCA Board (through the Board Chairman).

Executive Committee officers are elected by the ASCA membership for a period of two (2) years.

An Executive Committee quorum will be the Board Chairman (or Board representative) plus 2 EC officers and the Executive Officer.

All decisions will be on a majority vote with the Board Chairman having a casting vote in the event of a tie.

Members of the Executive Committee will be elected by Senior Members of the Association, at an Annual General Meeting of the Association or via ballot.

An Executive Committee member must be a fully paid up Member of ASCA.

Changes to the ASCA Rules

The Rules of the Association may be amended only by a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting or via postal ballot.

Details of any and all proposed changes to ASCA Rules must be sent to all Life, Senior and ordinary Members at least three months prior to the Annual General Meeting and must be listed prominently in a Notice of Annual General Meeting to be provided to all members at least 30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

Change must be proposed by and seconded by two Members of the Association at the AGM.

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