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The Purpose of ASCA

ASCA aims to be the best source of practical advice and assistance to its members and the best source of non-partisan information to the wider community.  ASCA operates to:

  • Act as a national forum for professionals involved in spill control and related disciplines.
  • Represent ASCA members at National and State/Territory meetings and forums.
  • Provide a single contact point between members and regulatory authorities, overseas associations and NGOs.
  • Disseminate, to members and associates, information on the prevention, mitigation, remediation of and response to spills of oil and hazardous materials into the environment.
  • Promote information sharing and cooperation amongst ASCA members.
  • Provide networking opportunities through regular meetings, events and seminars.
  • Provide assistance to members seeking to develop their knowledge base and build expertise in spill control and related disciplines.
  • Develop, promote and encourage the adoption of high professional and ethical standards.
  • Undertake or support activities that can enhance effective national and international cooperation and response efficiency.
  • Encourage the formation of state/territory or regional associations.
  • Encourage common standards for equipment and materials used in spill control.

Support the work of the international and overseas spill control associations.

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